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I deserve it all;
you do, too. Do not
settle for less for
you live in a world of
unlimited possibilities.
Be all that you are meant
to be. Nothing can imprison
our souls, but our own
willingness to accept the shackles.

You are of the unlimited power
of love; be who you truly are!

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Eric E Photo

Kings Peak is the highest point in Utah at 13,528 ft and dominates the skyline of Henry’s Fork basin. The basin is a stunning place that makes for a great destination in itself but with beautiful peaks towering over, it doesn’t make sense to not go see what the view is like! Most people climb Kings Peak in 3 days to allow for time to relax at camp and on the summit. We chose to do 2 days knowing that those 2 days would be long.

Back in my 20’s when I trail ran, I was able to knock it out in 10 hours round trip from the car but a broken leg since then has slowed me down. No worries, I love backpacking and that is not a race at all. Day 1 took us high into Henry’s Fork basin, near the bottom of the obvious gully leading to…

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Marking Our Territory

Yesterday was a travel day (though I guess all our days are kind of travel days) so nothing new to report this morning.  Instead I’ll just share this photo of Eko looking like a dinosaur back in Montana.

dog friendly montana

Little known fact: Eko was used as a velociraptor in Jurassic Park

Today we’re visiting Mount Rushmore and seeing what else the Rapid City area has to offer.  After that, it is back to the road and on to our new home!

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On Friday June 1st, 2012, around 63 or more people From Montreal and Toronto embarked on buses to North of Kingston, at Camp Iawah, in Godfrey Ontario to reunite with friends, to make new friends, to share, to also learn about Armenian Religion and to learn about our faith and community a lot more. Since this year is the 500th anniversary of the printing of Armenian Books and literature, this time we dedicated it all to that. We discussed the importance of Armenian Language, to speak and write Armenian, and why it is important to keep our culture, and heritage alive. On Friday night June 1st, we had arrived at Camp Iawah, and we began with an Orientation, then we all go our room numbers where we are going to sleep, but what sleep? We had little or no sleep at all, all weekend. Who goes to a Youth Getaway…

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